LPD Banner Page Printing on Lexmark

Mon, 03/11/2024 - 12:27 By Dave Brooks

Q: I'm trying to print to a Lexmark printer using INTELLIscribe. When I specify yes to print a banner page, the printer still does not print one. Is there a way to print a banner page to a Lexmark printer?

A: The Lexmark Marknet print server does not handle the banner page issue as the RFC1179 specifications say. You can tell the printer to print a banner page for all LPD print jobs by doing the following:

  1. Telnet to the printer. Select Start\Run... and type: telnet ipaddress 9000.
  2. At the menu, press 5 (Set LPD options) and press enter.
  3. Press 3 (Enable/Disable banner page on all lpr jobs) and press enter. Verify that this option shows ( Enabled )
  4. Enter 'X' to return to the main menu. Enter 'S' to save changes.
  5. Once the changes are saved, test the banner page by printing through INTELLIscribe.

The Lexmark printer should now print a banner page for all jobs printed using the LPR/LPD protocol. You do not need to specify 'yes' in the banner page option in INTELLIscribe since now the printer will print the banner whether you request it or not.