Using PCL to Print to a Specific Tray

Sun, 06/30/2019 - 19:56 By Dave Brooks

Q: I need to send IPDS print jobs to a specific source drawer (paper input tray) on my printer. How do I know on which tray the job will be printed?

A: You need to know the following three things.

  1. Which tray you want to print to
  2. What PCL command your printer uses for that tray
  3. The source drawer specified in the IPDS file on your host system

ExcelliPrint takes the source drawer specified by the host system and converts it to a PCL escape sequence.

  • If source = 1 use PCL command <Esc>&l1H
  • source = 2 PCL command = <Esc>&l4H
  • source = 3 PCL command = <Esc>&l5H
  • source = 4 PCL command = <Esc>&l8H
  • source = 5 PCL command = <Esc>&l9H
  • source = 6 PCL command = <Esc>&l10H
  • source = Envelope (65) PCL command = <Esc>&l6H
  • source = Manual (33) PCL command = <Esc>&l2H
  • source = Manual Envelope (96) PCL command = <Esc>&l3H

Note: To print to a different tray, you must change the IPDS print job on the host system. Changing ExcelliPrint settings will not change the tray from which the job is printed.