The service is disabled and cannot be started

I have just installed RPM Remote Print Manager®. When I try to restart the computer or start the "RPM Remote Print Manager" service, I get "Error 1058: The service is disabled and cannot be started." When I go to the services utility and look at the RPM service, it shows "Automatic", not "Disabled".

This issue is caused when the service your are trying to start has been disabled for the current hardware profile. Consulting the Microsoft KB articles yield the following resolution:

  1. From Administrative Tools, open the Services utility.
  2. Right-click the RPM Remote Print Manager service and choose Properties.
  3. In the Log On tab, near the bottom is a list of hardware profiles and whether or not the service is enabled for that profile.
  4. Highlight your current hardware profile, then click Enable.
  5. Click OK

Note: If the Enable button is grayed out or otherwise unavailable, you may be logged in as a user that does not have the appropriate permissions to modify a service's settings. Log in as the Administrator and try again.

Otherwise, visit the Microsoft support page The Specified Service is Disabled and Cannot Be Started.