Mainframe to PDF - Convert Host Print Files to PDF Format

Host to PDF features

  • Automatically email PDF files to one or many email recipients for instant viewing.
  • Export PDF files to a network storage device for archiving purposes.
  • Convert to PDF without green-bar formatting.
  • Format spool files before converting them to PDF.

Host and Mainframe print files easily converted to PDF. RPM takes host (AS/400, OS390, UNIX, Linux, Windows, or any host) print files and automatically converts them to PDF on the fly. Once converted to PDF, RPM can email the PDF, print to file for archiving, or print to a PDF compatible printer.

RPM will convert print files (*SCS, *USERASCII, and *LINE) into common archival formats such as PDF and HTML, or printer-ready PCL 5e.

Convert Host print files to PDF

Save Money by Converting Print Files to PDF

  • RPM saves money in paper and printer costs.
  • Automatically create a print files archive for all your print files.
  • Email PDF files to all users for easy viewing.
  • RPM eliminates the need for local print terminals and uses local or existing printers.
  • Have a complete print history from your host system for later viewing or archiving.