RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Print Server

RPM Remote Print Manager® is a network print server which installs on Windows. RPM supports the LPD and telnet (or raw) print protocols, so it can receive from nearly any system.

We have built 30+ pre-processing options into RPM. You can translate your print jobs from SCS, EBCDIC and ASA formats into Windows print jobs, PDF, HTML, PCL and other formats.

RPM fully supports Unicode, so any code page on your computer can be used to translate native character sets to Unicode. We work with Asian character sets as easily as European and others.

RPM print job workflow

As a multifunction print server RPM can print to multiple destinations. You can fan your print job out to a number of Windows printers (from multiple vendors) at a time. We also support:

  • raw (binary) printing
  • archive to disk
  • run a program for custom post-processing
  • email

RPM can send the print job as the email message body, or as an attachment.

RPM is particularly good at converting print jobs into searchable, indexable PDF documents. It's a simple matter to convert nearly any document type RPM understands into an email message with a PDF attachment.

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We understand the pain of printing®

RPM is based on more than 16 years of helping customers deal with printing issues. Here is an overview of what we offer in RPM.

RPM has been used since 1995 in 120 countries making it a trusted choice for IT/IS Administrators globally

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The tech support is always outstanding. Definitely one of the best I've worked with.

 RPM worked perfectly since day one. We've put it in place and haven't looked back.

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