Technical Support Options

What our technical support can do for you

  1. We can review your data and advise you on ways to set up our products to meet your needs
  2. If you need to move a license to a new machine, we can assist you
  3. Obviously, if you experience a problem, we'll do our best to help

Use any of these to get technical support:

  • use the contact form, select "Technical Support" from the Category list, then send us your issue
  • send us email at support AT brooksnet DOT com
  • call +1 208 523 6970 during business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Mountain Time (same as Denver, or Pacific plus one hour)

Built-in support period

We offer free pre-sales technical support during the 21-day evaluation period. The period can be extended an additional 21 days if needed.

All our products include one year of technical support and updates included in the purchase price. After the first year, support must be renewed annually.

Please note that your right to use the software is perpetual. However, your right to move the software from machine to machine is not. We require that you have paid up support before we will activate the license on a new machine.

Support activities

Typical tech support activities for us include:

  • assistance with setup and configuration
  • we can remote into a system for hands-on assistance
  • analyze data files for recommendations on processing

Migration not included

We have documented how to migrate our software to a new machine and we frequently answer questions about this.

However, it is more time-consuming than you might imagine doing this remotely, and it may compromise the integrity of your system for us to have system access. We prefer not to do this. 

Therefore, performing migration is not included in our support. We may be able to do it on a case-by-case basis, and we will probably charge our normal consulting fee.