Error: Printer Device needed

Sun, 06/30/2019 - 19:03 By Dave Brooks

Q: Printer Device needed, AS/400. Application requires print job to be sent to a printer rather than a queue.

A: Some applications on the AS/400 require a printer device to send the spool file to instead of a queue. To accomplish this IBM recommends the followings steps and parameters for the remote outq keywords. When a printer device is created an outq is also created with the same name as the device.

  1. Use the CRTDEVPRT command and prompt the command.
  2. In the Description parameter give the device the same name as the remote outq.
  3. In the Class parameter use *VRT
  4. In the Type parameter use *IBM3812 if this is a laser printer.
  5. In the Model parameter use 1 if this is a laser printer.
  6. In the Font Identification parameter use 011 on all printers.
  7. Use the defaults on the rest of the keywords.
  8. Set the Destination options to XAIX and XAUTOQ in the outq and change the other keywords to represent a remote outq.

If you are using a dot matrix printer the Type parameter can be *IBM4214 with a Model 2 or *IBM5219 with a model D1.