Fonts downloaded to this printer while connected

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 11:19 By Dave Brooks

Q: I recently installed INTELLIscribe on my PC, created a "virtual printer port" and associated my print driver with it. Now, when I reboot my computer, I get the following warning message:

Font warning

A: This warning occurs during system startup or login because of print drivers that use language monitors. Unfortunately, most of these print drivers do not provide a mechanism to easily disable the download of fonts on system startup.

Most printers that cause this problem are PostScript printers using the 'ADOBEPS4.DRV'. There are several ways to fix this.

  • The best way: First, delete the printer from the Windows Printers folder. Then, add a new printer using the driver provided on the Windows CD-ROM. None of these box drivers cause this issue. Usually, a compatible driver can be found even if your specific printer is not on the CD.
  • May cause problems, so do not attempt this unless you cannot find another compatible driver. From the Windows "Start" button, choose "Run". Type 'msconfig' and press OK. In the "Startup" tab, unselect "BRI Fixup Ports". This will ensure that INTELLIscribe will not check the printers at startup, thereby eliminating the warning. Keep in mind that INTELLIscribe may not function properly with this not selected.
  • Could be dangerous: Another way to eliminate this issue is to edit the registry. Changing any reference showing 'ADOBEPS4.DRV' to 'PSCRIPT.DRV'. The registry key you need to modify is HKey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows 4.0\(Printer). Note that you must have another PostScript driver added for 'PSCRIPT.DRV' to be installed.

Note: Editing the registry should only be done in extreme cases. Editing the registry can seriously damage your system or make it unbootable. Only edit the registry after you have backed up the system so you can restore later if problems appear. If you do not feel comfortable editing the registry, contact your system administrator.