Can't restart service

RPM had stop printing out job so we restarted the RPM service but are getting the following.

Error starting - 2017-06-28 11:04:30.830
[ ***  RPM Service failed to start *** ]
[ Note: module name and message follow ]
Module: MsgQMgr
Message: boost::interprocess_exception::library_error

We have intermittent problems of job getting stuck in Active or RCVD and nothing printing out, the solution has been to restart the service, this is the first time we get stuck here.

In your version, the RPM service communicates with the database manager using the Boost interprocess library. In our experience, once you encounter this error, a computer restart is required for it to be functional again. We have recently eliminated the boost interprocess library and now use named pipes, something Windows uses internally, which seem to work very well and eliminates this error and the subsequent required computer reboot.

I would recommend an upgrade to the latest beta version which you can access on our beta links page here: It may also help with your issue where a job is getting stuck, though I cannot be certain.

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 10:46