Drive space warning when using a Citrix NetScaler VIP

When sending print jobs to file share on Citrix NetScaler Load Balanced servers we get 420 Warning Drive Space warning.  None of the servers in the load balance are low on space.  How can we suppress this behaviour?  Is there a port that needs to be opened so that RPMElite can check for disk space?

The latest version has that option configurable in the Archive to Folder settings. This is where you tell RPM the folder to which the queue will save files. It is also a device setting. To access the latter option, show the devices tab and find the correct device and open the properties, and then disable the option "monitor this drive for available space".

The drive space monitor feature was added in version 5.0, but I don't recall specifically if that version also allowed you to disable the check. So, you may need to upgrade RPM in order to find the option configurable.

I believe RPM uses standard Windows API programming methods to check for disk space. It does not need a specific port opened. Supposedly, if it can write a file to the folder, it should be able to query it for free space.

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 12:25