Empty Result From Transform


I just moved from RPM Elite to  and i keep having this error for my queue: "Empty result from transforms"

And jobs won't complete.

Your support will be much appreciated.



"Empty result from transforms" is a generic message meaning only that the file was empty once it passed through the transforms configured on the queue.  For instance, if your queue does a PCL to PDF conversion, and the PCL to PDF conversion failed to produce an output file, this message would be logged.  If your queue was configured with the "remove lines until" transform, and the string configured was not found in the file, this message would also be logged.

It would be impossible at this point to offer a solution based solely on this message.  We would need more information.  For instance, how is the queue configured (what transforms and actions)?  You might send a copy of your job and your queue settings to our support address for further assistance.

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 16:04