Filteraction is not firing wscript

Made a .vbs script to do some work. I try to run it from the filteraction.

Program to run is wscript.exe, the parameters are the path and name of the vbs script and %s to pass the filename.

But when a new file comes in, is goes from action to completed with no results and no errors

When running the script from the command line, it runs okay.

How can I debug what is (not) happening?

Do I have to set some permissions for RPM. I'm running it from a Windows10-64b PC



If the job arrives, goes to active status with the green check mark icon, and then goes to compete with the folder/paper icon (or disappears from the UI), it means RPM ran wscript.exe. RPM is not able to verify whether or not the program did what it was supposed to do. I would recommend adding some error checking at various places and perhaps output to a text file within your .vbs script to output errors or otherwise troubleshoot where the program went wrong. It would seem RPM has sufficient permissions to create the temporary file and run the program, so it is unlikely you have to do anything to give RPM any additional permissions. Is this a program you have used with RPM before? Does it work with any other versions of Windows? 32-bit perhaps? Does it launch any external program? If so, what?  Does it require any specific user permissions or configuration to complete?  Does it try to access any printers or folders shared from another computer?

Sat, 11/18/2017 - 14:54