Having issue with 2nd and 3rd pages.

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Having issue with 2nd and 3rd pages.



We printing letters generated from a a piece of black box software.  I have the jobs split onto separate printers which share the same physical device..  The first page  goes to letterhead and the following pages go to plain paper in another cassette.  This works great when printing 2 page letters.  When printing 3 page letters the 2nd and 3rd pages come out on the same page, with 100% overlap.  I tried doing a RAW print and the pages come out in reverse order but otherwise fine.  Since a large group prints very similar letters to this printer, it is causing issues.

I have tried different printers and drivers.  Nothing seems to change this.  We are currently using Kyocera FS-2020DN and FS-4300DN printers.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you,