PCL to PDF transformation changed

we had RPM 5.1 (Elite) and the database was badly damaged, so I had to restore the database many times from our backup.
Therefore we updated to 6.2 (Elite) to get rid of these errors.
Upgrade worked fine, configuration get inherited. All fine.

Now my co-worker tells me, that one thing is different.
We have a queue with a PCL to PDF transformation.
Previous the incoming PCL spool of this queue gets split in two files.
This split is coming from the PCL code, he tells me.
But in RPM 6.2 this queue just create one file.
How can I enable the split in two files again?

I can´t proof this, because im just the IT administrator and we are just allowed to store backups for 14 days.

Neither RPM nor the PCL to PDF converter is designed to split files while converting to PDF, so I don't know what to suggest at this point. There are no PCL commands designed to split a file while converting to PDF. There are commands designed to move to the next page, but that is different. There are also potentially ways to split a file while converting to PDF, but would be highly specific to your data, so I would not be able to offer any solution without seeing a sample file or two and know where you want them to be split.
Mon, 02/04/2019 - 09:37