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Problem with printline repetition

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Problem with printline repetition

I have a Problem with the current version of Excelliprint, may be that this is a bug.

I have a simple pageformat with one printline. This printline has a repetition of 72. When I generate a PDF, the line 60 has no data. It is only a blank line. This may be a general problem, not only by generating a PDF.

When I print the same directly on the printer, without Excelliprint, the line 60 exists with normal data. In both cases the data goes through Infoprint Manager, that means Infoprint Manager should not be the problem.

I also tried to define 1 field for this printline, starting with position 1 length 132. The problem is the same, but not line 60 dissapears, but the line 58.

In another pageformat I have one printline with the repetition of 68. In this case the line 58 dissapears.




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James Casper
Reply from Support


Missing data like that is not a bug in Excelliprint that we are aware of. Can you confirm some details for us so we can evaluate the issue further?

  • What is the exact version of Excelliprint you are currently using?
  • When you are able to successfully print this job, what type of data is contained on that line that is missing otherwise?
  • Are you getting the same results when using the PCL output type and PDF output types?

Also, it may be useful for us to look a some samples of the output. If you want to provided samples, those should be sent directly to us using support@brooksnet.com.


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