History of Brooks Internet Software

  • June: ExcelliPrint 4.0 is released, includes searchable PDFs (text embedded in output PDF), print to email by sending jobs like RPM, plain text output for generating text files with job data, using job for filenaming, PCL tray mapping and more.
  • October: INTELLIscribe 4.1 is introduced. It runs on Windows 7 and supports 64 bit as well as 32 bit. Several problems are also addressed, including displaying and using a reasonable file name if the file was dragged onto the user interface, and shutdown problems.
  • October: RPM version 5.1 is released, including upgrades to the Unicode support for printer names, folder names, font names, etc.; PDFs now support UTF-8; database changes; support for auto-calculating a file metrics to optimize printing, without manually filling in the font sizes; and many others
  • Company's fifteenth anniversary.
  • December: RPM 5.0 Elite is released (the beta label is removed). One of the final hurdles is negotiating an OEM license for the PCL to PDF translator, and integrating.
  • Spent much of the year adding functionality to RPM Select, and adding new Elite-specific functionality.
  • May: RPM 5.0 (Select) is introduced. This is a complete rewrite and has gone on behind the scenes for several years.
  • RPM Elite (beta) is available. We have a large slate of features to add to Elite, unlike before where it was mostly the number of printers. RPM 5.0 development continues while new features are added to Elite.
  • ExcelliPrint 3.2 released; it runs on Vista. Overall we had very little request to run on Vista, though we incorporated Microsofts "new" security model into the ongoing design of RPM 5.0
  • March: INTELLIscribe runs on Vista; actually, on Windows 2000 through Vista. We no longer support Windows NT and prior.
  • March: ExcelliPrint version 3.0 update, includes more output destinations, more color support, more code pages
  • May: ExcelliPrint update includes bundled fonts and other fixes to barcodes
  • Also in May: INTELLIscribe 3.2 update includes better handling of inactive connections and large sets of data
  • August: ExcelliPrint 3.1 update includes PCL fixes
  • January: ExcelliPrint 2.0 (first version) is introduced; this is our IPDS printing software
  • June: INTELLIscribe 3.2, includes increased drag and drop support (between queues, from Windows Explorer to INTELLIscribe GUI), and much more
  • Company's tenth anniversary
  • RPM updates include: XP support, and support for the euro character
  • June: INTELLIscribe 3.1 released
  • October: INTELIscribe update, includes SLP support, printing failed jobs to any destination, and specifying # of attempts to print before job fails
  • RPM updates continue, including where we worked on the user interface to get the updates happening in almost no time. More and more people are testing RPM under significant load and reporting their findings to us.
  • June: INTELLIscribe 3.0 now supports XP, NT and Windows 2003. We are nearing the end of NT support for all our products. Added port policies for Round Robin and Destination Balancing.
  • August: RPM version 4.5 is introduced. Elite version includes web interface using Microsoft IIS, which we call the RPA ("Remote Print Administrator"). RPM 4.5 is our longest selling product (through May 2008).
  • October: RPM update includes adding secure sockets (SSL) to web interface, the RPA
  • November: RPM update includes PCL code removal and page range printing
  • September: Reseller and referral discounts which have been ad-hoc since 1998 are now codified; we start an official reseller program, complete with manager
  • April: RPM version 4.0
  • June: we switch RPM "workstation" to Select and "server" to Elite. NT is catching on; Windows 3.1 is pretty slow and Windows 95/98 tapering off as well
  • July: many of our Elite sales are conversions from Windows 95/98 versions
  • Company's fifth anniversary
  • March: INTELLIscribe 1.5 is released
  • April: first NT version of RPM, in "workstation" and "server" configurations (precursor to Select and Elite), version 2.3
  • April: INTELLIscribe 1.6 is released (that's quick turn-around)
  • November: RPM version 2.4
  • June: RPM version 2.2; educational site licenses
  • Also in June: released INTELLIscribe version 1, our LPR client
  • Dave's first international reseller trip, to Germany
  • February: first wire transfer for international payment
  • Took over the suite next door; set up our first file and print servers in-house
  • November: five and ten packs (discounts for bundles)
  • February: RPM version 2.1 for Windows 3.1
  • March: first educational site license
  • April: first international reseller, Robert Baker in Ireland
  • August: first version of RPM for Windows 95, version 2.1
  • October: moved to our present building, Exchange Plaza in Idaho Falls, ID
  • November: RPM version 2.2
  • August: Dave Brooks files incorporation papers for Brooks Internet Software, Inc, with the State of Idaho.
  • September: receive federal tax payer ID for the corporation; web site goes live, according to Alexa.com
  • November: RPM version 1.2 for Windows 3.1 platforms is released. First week, sales on East and West coast of United States; Canada; and Australia