How do I disable banner pages?

Mon, 03/11/2024 - 12:28 By Dave Brooks

Q: How do I disable banner pages?

A: RFC 1179 says that the client passes information to the server (e.g. RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ®) that specifies the name that is to appear on the banner page. You are *supposed* to treat this as a command to create a banner page.

Note that the Unix client does this unless you tell it not to, with the "-h" switch.

When RPM is printing text, it will make a banner page using the normal convention as explained above. You can tell RPM not to print a banner page by going to Queue Setup and setting "Never print the banner page".

When RPM is printing raw or pass-through, RPM will print a banner page only when the control file designates.

Sometimes when we're asked about not printing the banner page, they are referring to a banner page created by an application on the remote system. The way around that is this:

  1. Hold the queue.
  2. When the job is received, double click on the job. This opens the "Operator Job Control" dialog. The field "Start print on page" contains the value "1". Change this to "2".
  3. The setting "Hold (set ON to print later)" will be selected. Click this setting to release the job.

For RPM 5.0 and newer you can use the "Remove Until" transform to remove up to the first line of text, beyond the banner page, or the "Remove Lines" transform to remove a specific number of lines from the front of your file.