How do I print labels from the AS/400

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 11:10 By Dave Brooks

Q: How do I print labels to a label printer, aka a thermal printer, from the AS/400?

A: There are two main keys to printing through RPM to a label printer from the AS/400. First, you must have a Windows print driver, and secondly, some specific settings need to be configured in the AS/400 OUTQ.

  1. First, download and install the print driver specific for your label printer. You may download many types of label printer drivers from Some drivers are available for a free download, and others may need to be purchased.  Add a new printer to Windows using the downloaded print driver. Assign it to the proper (COM or LPT) port. 
  2. Now modify the OUTQ on the AS/400.
    • End the writer by issuing the following command: ENDWTR outq_name *IMMED. Then press ENTER. Wait for the writer to end. This should take less than 15 seconds.
    • Now, edit the OUTQ by issuing the following command: CHGOUTQ outq_name. Press F4 to prompt, do not press ENTER. Then press F24, F9 to display all parameters.
    • Page down until you find the "Host Print Transform" parameter. Verify that it is set to *YES. If not, please change it now. Do not press ENTER yet!
    • Find the "Manufacturer type and model" parameter. Enter the following for this parameter: *WSCST.
    • Now find the "Workstation customizing object" parameter. Enter the following option: QWPDEFAULT. Do not enter an asterisk (*) before the option. Do not press ENTER yet!
    • Finally set the "Library" parameter under the "Workstation customizing object" to the following: *LIBL.
    • Now you may press ENTER. If the "Writers to autostart" parameter is set to greater than zero, the writer for this OUTQ will start automatically. If not, you must enter the following command to start the writer: STRRMTWTR outq_name. Press ENTER again.

Note that QWPDEFAULT will not be available until you have set your Manufacturer type and model to *WSCST.

Your OUTQ should now be configured properly to print to your thermal label printer.

Provided by Tom Prosser with SpecTran.