How we support printing to multiple printers

Someone asked recently for our advice on printing their jobs on multiple printers using RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM").

We loved their quote:

"You seem to be the right address for printing challenges; therefore, I would like to share my use case, maybe you have a good solution in your arsenal for us."

Our entire workflow model revolves around providing lists of things you want to do with your print job, not enabling a feature or clicking a button for either/or. It's literally as easy as adding things you want to do until you're done.

It turns out we have several articles on delivering print jobs to multiple printers already. In this post, we'll recap the primary pages.

  1. Send your print jobs to multiple printers at once

    This page offers a bird's eye view of the three primary considerations:

  2. How to Print to Multiple Printers

    This page offers step-by-step setup instructions for sending jobs to multiple printers using text print (which means control over fonts and page layout) versus raw print (which is printer-ready).

  3. Driving multiple printers

    This page discusses RPM's model for supporting multitudes of print devices, plus third-party software and other setups we typically see in large installations.

As always, if you have questions on any of the above, please contact our office or leave a comment below. Thanks!