My AIX system queue is disabled automatically

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 07:39 By Dave Brooks

Q: My AIX system queue is disabled after a while and I have to restart it again.  Is there any way to keep the AIX queue from being disabled automatically?

A: When the "Receive a <Printer> Job" command is sent by rembak to a remote server, a positive acknowledgment should be received by rembak before proceeding with sending datafiles. If rembak does not receive a positive acknowledgment within its timeout period, the print request will fail and the queue will be taken down. Datafiles will not be sent across to the lpd server.

With AIX 4.2 and later, set the backend <timeout> period to 120.  To do this, add a printer with the following parameters.


Lexmark Printer (Room 330)

* Name of new PRINT QUEUE to add [aix_queue]
* HOSTNAME of Remote Server
* Name of QUEUE on remote server [rpm_queue]
TYPE of print spooler on remote server BSD
on remote server?
Backend TIME OUT period (minutes) [120]
 Send control file first?  no

For prior versions of AIX edit the /etc/qconfig file as follows:

  Parts:device = @TES_Server1
          up = TRUE
          host = TES_Server1
          s_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/bsdshort
          l_statfilter = /usr/lib/lpd/bsdlong
          rq = Parts@TES_Server1:
          backend = /usr/lib/lpd/rembak -T120