OFFICE VISION asks for a printer to send report to

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 08:43 By Dave Brooks

Q: The AS/400 application asks for a device to print to rather than a remote OUTQ.

A: Some applications on the AS/400 require a printer device to send the spool file to instead of a queue. To accomplish this IBM recommends the followings steps:

  1. At the AS/400 command prompt, issue the command CRTDEVPRT, then press F4.
  2. In the Description parameter, name the device.
  3. In the Class parameter use *VRT.
  4. If you have a laser printer, use *IBM3812 for the "Manufacturer" parameter and 1 for the "Model" parameter; for dot matrix printers use either *IBM4214 Model 2 or *IBM5219 model D1.
  5. In the Font Identification parameter use 11 for all printers.
  6. Use the defaults on the rest of the keywords.

Now, modify the OUTQ, which was automatically created by CRTDEVPRT. It should be the same name as the device.

  1. End the writer. Issue the command 'ENDWTR name *IMMED', without the quotes. Wait 15 seconds for the writer to end.
  2. At the AS/400 command prompt, issue the command CHGOUTQ "device_name". "device_name" should be the Description parameter you entered in step 2 above.
  3. Input the appropriate parameters for the remote OUTQ. The following table lists the important parameters.
  • Writers to autostart: 1
  • Connection type: *IP
  • Destination type: *OTHER
  • Transform SCS to ASCII: *YES
  • Destination options: 'XAIX XAUTOQ'
  • Operator controlled: *YES
  • Data queue: *NONE
  • Authority to check: *DTAAUT

Your AS/400 application can send print files to the device, and RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® should get them shortly after that.

Note: Create the device before the OUTQ, because the AS/400 will automatically create an OUTQ with the appropriate links from the device to the OUTQ.