Page range on an AS/400 Remote OUTQ

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 13:41 By Dave Brooks

Q: When printing from the AS/400 to RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") and specifying a range of pages to print, it seems this instruction is ignored as the entire spool file is printed. Can RPM be configured to honor the page range setting?

A: RPM does not impose this limitation. It is caused by the AS/400. With a Remote OUTQ, even if you specify a page range, the entire spool file is sent to RPM and printed. The LPR/LPD protocol does not allow for page range printing, so RPM will print everything received, never knowing you intended something else.

IBM provides a way for page ranges to be set in remote OUTQs. I did this Google search just now:

as400 how to set page range in remote outq

This provided me with some options, including pages from Google Groups, and from IBM (not to mention the site you're reviewing now)

RPM also supports page ranges. To control the starting and ending page:

  1. Hold the queue
  2. When a print job arrives in RPM, double-click the job, and enter the starting and ending pages
  3. If the specified ending page is less than the starting page, the job will start at the starting page and end when there is no more data to print
  4. Release the job or resume the queue to start printing the job.