Print Filtering, a Case Study in Not Wasting Paper

This post shows how RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® "filter" action can not only customize a print job but can also completely change the job handling itself.

The Scenario: An automated mainframe system sends thousands of print jobs daily.

The Problem: 95% of these automated print jobs are useless. They are not actionable, and do not require any kind of human interaction. Unfortunately, they still consume and waste resources.

The Solution: Prevent hard copy output of print jobs matching specific criteria.

When I received a phone call with the scenario above I immediately asked for a sampling of the incoming print data. It turns out that all the print data that was not actionable followed an easily predictable pattern - it contained specific text in the third line of the file. From there, our work flow became crystal clear:

  1. Print Queue A in RPM launches a Custom Filter Program which scans incoming documents for discard criteria. Jobs which can be discarded, are. Jobs we want to keep are forwarded to Print Queue B.
  2. Print Queue B in RPM removes print data formatting and generates a PDF document. The PDF document is stored on a file server where a representative can take appropriate action.
  3. As a contingency, any job which matches some but not all of the necessary criteria is delivered to Print Queue C for user Intervention. Jobs in RPM can be displayed in the GUI without printing.

Total Savings: At least one full ream of paper a day, plus resource and maintenance costs related to the hardware printers (toner, upkeep, repair), and the man hours spent sorting through print outs that are immediately discarded.

If your company could benefit from savings like these you should contact Us and explore solutions with us, or download a trial of RPM Remote Print Manager.