Print to a Shared Printer with INTELLIscribe

Microsoft's description of computer networking is "File and Printer Sharing." Take that up a step with INTELLIscribe. You can install INTELLIscribe on a shared printer, and take advantage of our networking in minutes without a change in your network or user procedures.

Shared printing with INTELLIscribe

You'll be Printing to Shared Printers in Minutes

INTELLIscribe merges traditional Windows printing with TCP/IP printing thereby elevating the entire print environment. 

Windows shared printing does not support Broadcast, Destination Balancing, Failover, or Round Robin printing or a Reprint. However, INTELLIscribe DOES!

Easy to Install Software, NO Added Hardware Costs or Maintenance!

INTELLIscribe is software, meaning there is no hardware to install or maintain. Download INTELLIscribe and try it FREE for 21 days. You can also purchase INTELLIscribe online, instead of having to wait for a hardware solution to arrive through the mail.