Printing to the AIX Unix LPD server

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 07:53 By Dave Brooks

Q: Can INTELLIscribe® be used to print from a Windows computer to a Unix computer running IBM AIX?

A: Yes, INTELLIscribe can print to IBM running AIX. Please check the following settings:

  1. The INTELLIscribe host must be listed in /etc/hosts.lpd file.
  2. A plus sign (+) must also be added to the /etc/hosts.lpd file at the end.
  3. The virtual printer port must be configured correctly:

LPD Queue Name: <same as AIX queue name>

Relax Port Restr: no

Note: The "print format" parameter should be "postscript" if the printer supports it or "preformatted" if not.