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Wed, 11/04/2020 - 16:17 By Dave Brooks
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  Linksoft Inc.
Address 6F-10., No.351, Sec. 2
Zhongshan Rd., Zhonghe Dist.
New Taipei City 23504
Phone: +886-2-2221-2155
Fax: +886-2-2221-9008
Attn: Milly Huang


友環於民國96年成立,為致力於專業軟體領域的代理商,提供大專院校、學術研究單位、政府單位、研發工程團隊、金融業、圖書館業、零售流通業、科技產業、製造業、服務業及個人使用等領域軟體資訊解決方案及專業諮詢服務;並於西元2008年10月於中國西安成立子公司 - 西安友環軟件科技有限公司,從事大陸地區之軟體諮詢服務。我們並取得眾多全球國際原廠的台灣代理權。

友環也具備堅強的研發與技術服務團隊,提供軟體代工(Driver Layer & Application Layer )及大型伺服器建置和各項技術與軟體完整的教育訓練服務,更與印度具備 CMMI Level 5 的軟體代工廠結合為技術夥伴,在成本及專業人力上為您提供極佳的優勢,目前已有與國內多家上市櫃公司及大型政府機關,多次成功的合作案例。


About Linksoft

Founded in 2007, Linksoft is a professional distributor and reseller in Taiwan and China.

As a professional software provider, Linksoft cooperates with global outstanding IT industries, reselling thousands of software, including Statistical Analysis, Development Program, Database Management, Network Security, Design and Edit software.

Linksoft cultivates its mature service along with Commercial, Government, Academic, and Home users, with more than 500,000 customers in Asia.

Working for customer-oriented, Linksoft provides in-time product information and decent first-line support to overcome the difficulties caused by long-distance and different time zones.

Linksoft aims at becoming a competent software distributor, evolving the valued service to meet customers' demands and expanding the interconnected global businesses.

Are you looking for a sensible service and long-term relationships? Please make contact with Linksoft Inc.