Setting up AS/400 to print to dynamic IP address

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 21:53 By Dave Brooks

Q: We are using DHCP and DNS or a dialup connection and would like to print data from an AS/400 to a PC. How can I configure the AS/400 so I can print to a computer with a dynamic IP address?

A: One of our clients provided the following CL program. We are providing it for your consideration. As you can see, this program does the following:

  1. Prompts the user for the name of the OUTQ (printer) they want to use
  2. Automatically obtains their IP Address.
  3. Notifies the user that the OUTQ's IP address is being updated.
  4. Updates the OUTQ they provided with their IP address.
  5. Prompts them to update another OUTQ.

The CL program may be used and modified for your needs. It is possible to modify the program to eliminate all user interaction and automatically update the proper OUTQ on the AS/400. This program should be placed in the user's profile and run when the user logs in.

Download the CL program in a PDF document

This document is our best approximation of the correct tab and structure. We are currently unable to provide anything more accurate than this but no doubt an RPG programmer can make sense of it.