Setup instructions for Solaris 7/sparc

Do you have any documentation on how to print to RPM Remote Print Manager® under Solaris 7/Sparc.

  1. Start the admintool.
  2. Go to Browse..Printers.
  3. Now go to Edit..Add..Access to Printer.
  4. In the "Printer Name" field, type the name of the queue name set up in RPM. (ex. RPM_Queue)
  5. In the "Print Server" field, type the name of the host running RPM. (ex. RPM_PC:IP Address may work here also)
  6. Click OK until you have exited the admintool.

You have now created a virtual printer on your Solaris box. When you want to print, simply issue this command:

	lp -d RPM_PC:RPM_Queue /path/to/filename