Setup instructions for Solaris 7/Sparc

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 09:06 By Dave Brooks

Q: Do you have any documentation on how to print to RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") under Solaris 7/Sparc?

A: Yes, use the following steps:

  1. Start the admintool.
  2. Go to Browse / Printers.
  3. Now go to Edit / Add / Access to Printer.
  4. In the "Printer Name" field, type the name of the queue name set up in RPM. (ex. RPM_Queue)
  5. In the "Print Server" field, type the name of the host running RPM. (ex. RPM_PC:IP Address may work here also)
  6. Click OK until you have exited the admintool.

You have now created a virtual printer on your Solaris box. When you want to print, simply issue this command:

	lp -d RPM_PC:RPM_Queue /path/to/filename