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Here's a link to the RPM white paper that we promised you! In this short white paper you'll see several categories of problems we routinely solve with RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM). print and other actions

How do I print, archive and run a program on my print jobs?

  1. You use your standard print setup to send print jobs to RPM, over the network.On this system setup page we show you how to configure around a dozen types of systems to send jobs to RPM.
  2. Every job is designated to go to a queue; that's part of the sending process
  3. In RPM we let you associate one or more actions with each print job. Actions is our term for "what you want to do with the print job". For instance, print is an action, but so is "use FTP to send to an FTP server somewhere" as is "run a program" or "send as an email". 

You can do any of those things to your print job. You can do ALL of those things to each print job. RPM is an open ended toolkit for doing anything with your print jobs that you need to.

We currently have 9 available actions. Since one of them runs your own software, we've essentially opened the door for you to do anything you need to.

RPM also includes pre-processing steps if you need them. We call these transforms and we have a lot of them. They are all optional; by default RPM uses the exact unaltered data you sent..

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Our slogan has long been "The Power to Print What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want" That is what we are talking about.

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