What does the XAUTOQ option do?

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 10:33 By Dave Brooks

Q: What is the XAUTOQ option for in the "Destination options" parameter in the OUTQ configuration on the AS/400?

A: The XAUTOQ feature is new to OS/400, although PTFs can be applied for earlier release versions of the operating system. The XAUTOQ option saves problems with timeouts on print jobs.

Here is how it works: If the printer times out during data transformation, after accepting a printer job, and before requesting to send print data, LPR uses AS/400 LPD to receive the transformed spool file back into the same queue.  LPR signals success to the remote writer and the spool file is processed again without time-out because it is already in final form.  No extra remote writers are started and LPD is used only for the larger spool files because smaller ones will not cause a time-out.

XAUTOQ is added via the following PTFs and is described in the V3R 7TCP/IP Configuration and Reference manual.

  • V3R1, SF32690
  • V3R2, SF35739
  • V3R6, SF35936
  • V3R7, SF36102