5 ways to convert AS/400 files to PDF

Tue, 07/17/2012 - 15:01 By Dave Brooks

RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® (RPM) has been a tool of choice since 1995 for precisely that purpose, converting many thousands of AS/400 files to PDF.

Convert SCS to PDF

RPM has a built-in conversion for SCS; that is our reference format. Everything we do in document formatting uses SCS as a benchmark for functionality.

In RPM, you have two steps for this:

  1. convert SCS to our proprietary intermediate format
  2. convert the intermediate format to PDF

It's as simple as that. Once you have the PDF, you can email it, archive it to disk, or do nearly anything else you want with it.

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Convert PCL to PDF

With PCL files, we usually have one of two routes to convert to PDF, depending on your PCL:

  • Remove the PCL and leave plain text; then convert that result to PDF


  • Convert the PCL to PDF directly; this is available in our RPM Elite product, but not our RPM Select product, so you'll be paying more but have a more certain outcome for PCL to PDF. The first option works well for spool files with the format "*HP4".

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Archive OUTQ spools as PDF

Once you have converted your SCS or PCL to PDF, RPM makes it easy for you to archive to any folder. In addition, RPM supports both local and shared folders, giving you the means to make a filename with any job data, including user, host, date and time, job title, etc.

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Email a PDF from your OUTQ spools

Once RPM converts your spool file, sending a PDF file as an attachment to one or more addresses is simple.

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Send your OUTQ spool files to PDFCreator

RPM prints to any Windows printer, including PDFCreator. We convert SCS into our intermediate format, then print to Windows with full font and text formatting support. It's a similar process to PCL, as described above. In addition, we added interactive printing support to RPM in 2008 to support PDFCreator and related products. You can print from the RPM service process and see all your alerts and dialogs when the user logs in.

We can, and do, print to PDFCreator on your Windows system as quickly as we do any other Windows printer.

Converting AS/400 files and printing in Windows is something we have done from the beginning.

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Proven, reliable, since 1995

We have worked with the AS/400 platform since 1995 as one of the significant business platforms in the TCP/IP networking community. The AS/400 was moving to TCP/IP around when we first released RPM, and the two were an instant match.

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