RPM Remove PCL Transform

What it does

Removes PCL and PJL commands from the print stream. This removes all graphics, leaving plain text (if any).


As soon as we started working with the iSeries we began to get requests to convert HP4 PCL files to plain text.

The HP4 output format, as generated by an AS/400, is for the most part plain text with a PCL wrapper.

In general, RPM does a great job of removing PCL and usually what is left is usable output. The biggest problem we run into is when the application which generates the PCL uses a custom font. In these cases, there is no usable text left. However, we can still work with you to automate running an OCR program. Google has an excellent OCR utility which they make available for free. Please contact our technical support for assistance in setting this up.


None; there are no options.