Rename attachment output in PCL to PDF conversion

Hello Folks -

We are trialing the solution and I'd like to know how I can accomplish appending a file extension to emailed attachments.

For a simple first test we set up a PCL to PDF transform that then emails the PDF as an attachment. The source file (printed document) is Word, but when the email recipient receives it, the extension is stripped. If you choose a PDF reader to open the file all is well, but we'd rather just append the attachment filename with ".pdf" to simplify things. Looked through the manual and UI and couldn't find anything related. Can you assist with this please?



The Email dialog for the email action has a section labeled Attachment Naming and inside is an option called the Template (Mask).  The default template is <N> specifying the source filename.  You would simply add .pdf to the end of whatever value is there ( i.e. <N>.pdf ) and future attachments should have a pdf extension.

Wed, 10/12/2016 - 08:54