Mainframe telnet test

How can I test RPM Remote Print Manager to see if it is receiving from my Mainframe/Unix without sending a file to RPM?

Perform a Telnet Test from Mainframe/Unix with the following steps.

From the Emulation Terminal, Type Telnet (space) IP Address (space) 515

The TELNET command will cause the following entries in RPM:

    Information: Accepted client from, port 1306
    Information: Received data on socket 9, 5 bytes
    Information: Close on socket 9
    Information: Closing transaction for 9

This verifies that a connection was made to RPM at the LPD:515 port.

If the connection is not made, the OS will provide a message "Contact the System Administrator."

If connection is made, verify IP addressing and Remote Queue Name are correct in the Print Queue on Server Side (Sending Side, LPR, Server etc.)