Software Product Pricing

All prices are in US Dollars

RPM Select

  • Up to 10 devices
  • 324.00 cart

RPM Elite

  • Up to 99 devices
  • 750.00 cart

RPM Elite-2

  • Up to 249 devices
  • 1500.00 cart

RPM Elite-3

  • Unlimited devices
  • 2250.00 cart


  • 295.00 cart

ExcelliPrint Standard

  • PCL output
  • 495.00 cart

ExcelliPrint Premium

  • PDF, PCL, Windows print
  • 795.00 cart

Shipping and handling

  • 5.00 + postage

Government / Volume Pricing

Government / Educational and Volume prices are not currently available on the website.  Please contact our office to place your order or to request a quote.

Elite editions

RPM Elite supports 99 devices but you can purchase extra capacity. The download is the same for each. Your salesperson will help you unlock the additional devices when you activate the product license.

Pricing for ExcelliPrint printers

Each ExcelliPrint license comes with one printer license

To print to additional printers, you could purchase additional printer licenses, rather than additional ExcelliPrint licenses. For instance, with ExcelliPrint Standard you would save $170 each, $325 for the printer license vs $495 for the ExcelliPrint Standard license.

So, it is possible to support a large number of printers on a single ExcelliPrint license at a discount. Note that volume discounts apply to printer licenses purchased at the same time.

To activate additional printers, contact Sales for a code. The additional printers are activated for an existing license. The table above shows the prices. Note that volume discounts may apply for licenses purchased at once. We will be happy to provide you a quote.

It is possible to enable additional printers during a trial but we will need to set up a record in our database for you.