Migrating your filter program to a new server

One of the problems customers report to us with alarming frequency is that when they migrate their RPM configuration to a new system, the filters don’t seem to work at all.

The reason for this is primarily that RPM cannot possibly know how to download and install a new version of your filter program on the new system.

Fortunately, I did this migration recently myself, so let’s walk through it.

First, install all your filter programs. Note that they may be in a new directory, for instance, if they were in "C:\Program Files (x86)" before, they might now be in "C:\Program Files". But you would know that.

Second, let's visit your imported configuration:

  1. In the user interface, go to View / Action Master List
  2. In the Action Master List tab click the head of the Type column to order the actions by type.

    Finding filter actions in the Action Master List

  3. For each action of type Filter, double-click the action, and at a minimum browse to the right folder and file for the "Executable" field and select a new Working Directory. On my old system, I had a B drive, on the new I had a D drive, and the only straightforward way to make it work was to simply browse for the new folder.

You need to re-test the command line as we talk about in Doing a command line test of your filter program.