How to setup an AIX 3.x queue

Sat, 01/27/2024 - 12:53 By Dave Brooks

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Question: How do I set up my AIX version 3.x queue to print to RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM)?


  • On the Unix Host, add a line to the /etc/hosts file at the end that lists the IP address of the PC where RPM is installed, then a tab, then a hostname to be referenced, such as:      rprinter
  • Now ensure the LPD subsystem is activated:
    1. smit
    2. Spooler
    3. Manage Remote Printer Subsystem
    4. Server Services
    5. lpd Remote Printer Subsystem
    6. Start Using the lpd Subsystem
    7. Start BOTH now and at System Restart
  • Now configure the Remote Printer Queue:
    1. smit
    2. Spooler
    3. Manage Remote Printer Subsystem
    4. Client Services
    5. Remote Printer Queues
    6. Add a Remote Queue
  • Fill in the fields as follows:
    *NAME of queue to add <AIX printer name>
    ACTIVATE the queue? yes
    Will this become the DEFAULT queue? no
    Queuing DISCIPLINE first come first serve
    ACCOUNTING FILE pathname [  ]
    DESTINATION HOST for remote jobs <RPM hostname> or <IP Address>
    *Pathname of the SHORT FORM FILTER
    for queue status output
    *Pathname of the LONG FORM FILTER
    for queue status output
    *Name of QUEUE on remote printer <RPM_Queue>
    *NAME of device to add <eg. HP5>
    *BACKEND PROGRAM pathname [/usr/lpd/rembak]

Note: Replace bold items with information specific to your situation. If you are unclear on any of these items, contact your system administrator.

Note: The instructions to set up AIX version 4.x are slightly different. Click here for the 4.x setup instructions.