How to setup an AIX 4.x queue

Sat, 01/27/2024 - 13:06 By Dave Brooks

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Q: How do I set up a queue in AIX version 4.x to print to RPM Remote Print Manager®? ("RPM")

A: Setting up queues in version 4.x is slightly different than 3.x. Follow these steps:

  1. smit
  2. Print spooling
  3. Add a print queue with the following options:

    Attachment type: REMOTE

    Type of remote printing STANDARD PROCESSING

    Name of queue <PICK_A_NAME>

    Hostname of remote server <REMOTE_SYSTEM_NAME>

    Name of queue on remote server <RPM_QUEUE_NAME>

    Type of print spooler on remote server BSD

  4. Enter to accept, exit from smit, and test.