INTELLIscribe: Print Job and History

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 16:05 By Dave Brooks
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The Print Jobs window contains a list of print jobs that INTELLIscribe has printed, is currently printing, has failed to print, etc. for the port currently selected in the Virtual Printer Port window. A small icon next to each entry represents the current status of the job.

The window also displays the following:

  • Job identification number
  • Job name
  • Time scheduled
  • Time completed

Print job window

 This list cannot be sorted. The Job menu appears when right-clicking any of these entries. This menu allows users to cancel, delete, or reprint the selected job, or access the Properties dialog.

Print Job Status Messages

A small icon next to each print job represents the status. Here is a list of the various status messages available:

  • The status has not been decided
  • The job is waiting but has not been scheduled
  • The job is waiting to print and has been scheduled
  • The job is currently printing
  • The job has an error and was not printed
  • The user has canceled printing this job
  • The print operation completed successfully
  • The job did not print and will be scheduled again
  • The print job has been deleted