Mainframe and Host Print Management

Mon, 04/15/2024 - 12:39 By Dave Brooks

Mainframe host printing and printing from a host to Windows is easy with RPM Remote Print Manager®. RPM allows easy printing from an IBM® Mainframe (or any host system) to ANY Windows® platform. Most mainframes support the LPR/LPD protocol. RPM installs on the Windows platform, acting as a mainframe line printer daemon.

RPM gives Mainframe Spooling added Features and Benefits

Using RPM to convert mainframe print data streams is far more economical than recoding mainframe applications or replacing high-volume printers. RPM provides the necessary conversion technology to include IBM mainframe-generated documents in your Windows network environment workflow, whether you are printing these documents to Windows-based printers or saving the files to disk for archiving or further processing.

  • At a Midwest university, individuals use RPM to print MVS mainframe reports (e.g. student files, personnel files, transcripts) to local USB or LPT printers. The reports are conveniently and quickly available. Also, since RPM runs as a service, reports can be generated nightly and be waiting on individuals' printers in the morning.
  • A state agency saved millions of dollars in SNA monthly fees by moving to RPM for mainframe report printing. Individuals now use network PCs and 3270 emulators, and the reports are printed to nearby printers.
  • A western university uses RPM to print mainframe documents on HP printers. Individuals request the documents then the reports are printed on local USB and parallel printers.

Mainframe Printing Queues with RPM

You can send a file to a Windows PC from a mainframe to be stored or archived or to be manipulated with other software, or printed on the local PC.

RPM's printing queues give the user extreme flexibility with numerous formatting options. No more ugly mainframe reports; you can send the files to RPM for a variety of automatic formatting functions.

RPM configurable print queues set apart from other LPD servers, hardware or software. Each queue performs a function and has completely different configuration options regardless of printer type or manufacturer.

Mainframe/Host Printing & RPM

UNIX Printing

  • RPM will format any UNIX text file and print to any Windows printer, regardless of paper size, tray selection, # of copies, paper orientation, or printer destination.
  • RPM will translate ASA/FORTRAN control characters to PC printer commands on the fly.
  • RPM can successfully receive jobs from Linux, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, FreeBSD, Digital UNIX, DEC VAX, and Open VMS.

AS/400 Printing

RPM offers several key enhancements for AS/400 printing requirements not serviced by other print servers. The setup is very simple; define an output queue on the AS/400 and then send a job or query. RPM receives the request from the AS/400 and creates a processing queue automatically. Each queue can be fully customized to handle specific requirements.

HP3000 Printing

  • RPM will remove PCL codes automatically with no need to reconfigure the application.
  • RPM will format any text file and print to any Windows printer, regardless of paper size, tray selection, # of copies, paper orientation, or printer destination.
  • RPM eliminates the need to purchase third-party LPR/LPD print spoolers for HP3000. RPM can receive data directly from the HP3000 using the native TCP/IP printing supported by MPE/iX.