MiNET Enterprise Document Services Complement Fortune 1000

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 16:38 By Dave Brooks

MiNET Enterprise Document and Printing Services And Manipulex Software Complement Brooks Internet Software For Fortune 1000 Businesses

Located in Boise, Idaho, MiNET specializes in digital document and enterprise printing solutions, particularly for clients with legacy IBM infrastructures. Matching its services and support with other vendors’ software, the company provides cost effective solutions customized for every customer. MiNET Sales Manager Mike Blackburn, who began his career providing connectivity support for photocopiers and laser printers about 25 years ago, joined the company upon seeing the business trend of increased network connectivity.

"Some of the interconnected IBM printing systems were fairly high priced and often required new code to adapt to evolving business requirements. At MiNET, we apply our IBM expertise to leverage partners’ software that provides digital document and printing solutions that leave code as is when system requirements change," said Blackburn. "One popular setup is the complementary deployment of Brooks Internet Software’s RPM Remote Print Manager and the MiNET Manipulex document management suite."

Last year, for example, a major retailer of beauty accessories wanted to replace expensive Microplex printers with the latest model multi-function copiers for printing specialized labels used on tens of thousands of products each month. Staff there initially considered removing and replacing existing code for its RPG midrange system, in order for it to work well with the new printers, but the estimated financial cost was high while the timeline and exact results were uncertain. "We were able to setup RPM Remote Print Manager and MiNET Manipulex, without touching any code, and get midrange data to the new printers, formatted as required, for a fraction of the cost," explained Blackburn.

He noted another recent project for a Canadian firm replacing about 20 dot matrix printers that had used three-page forms to produce three copies with each printing. MiNET used RPM Remote Print Manager with three printer trays, for white, canary and pink copies of each form, easily reproducing the old output on the new HP laser printers.

"For most businesses, with the exception of paper jams and low ink, printers ‘just work,’" said Dave Brooks, CEO of Brooks Internet Software. "But when old printers are being replaced, businesses get caught by surprise when they discover new printers are not necessarily plug and play, particularly with existing IBM systems. That’s where partners like MiNET and RPM Remote Print Manager provide real value. Working together behind the scenes, we address the complexities of networked printers, and replicate the printing output that old printers produced. This saves time and money and makes new printers ‘just work’ again with legacy systems."

"We work with a lot of the major business printer manufacturers, and many times their systems fit perfectly in new deployments. Then there are times that our Fortune 1000 customers’ legacy systems can make it a challenge to get every new printer to work as required in a networked environment," Blackburn said. "Brooks Internet Software is one solution that can provide the missing link and address printing issues that might arise. We’ve been leveraging RPM Remote Print Manager for about ten years, after implementing it effectively with MiNET Manipulex."

Blackburn says these examples reflect MiNET’s approach to offering good, integrated solutions that help channel partners better serve customers, while looking out for clients’ best interests. The company works with channel partners and printer manufacturers and determines the best combination of hardware, software and services that work with existing infrastructures in all industries. And with clients using fewer staff to manage networked document and printing systems, using Manipulex and RPM Remote Print Manager for print stream transformations is one example of a faster and less expensive solution than a coded, legacy approach.

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