Queue Folders 2.0

We are very pleased to announce version 2.0 of our watch folder product, Queue Folders. It is available with the RPM Remote Print Manager® 6.2 release, for all current Windows platforms. 

It is intended to work with RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) Elite but please note that it requires a separate license.

What does Queue Folders do?

Queue Folders lets you associate a folder in your filesystem with a queue in RPM. Then, any file which is created in that folder ends up as an RPM job in that queue. This includes copying or moving from another folder, or directing the output from your program into that folder.

RPM expects that whatever program that created the file will close its handle on the file. However, it is prepared to retry.

We have a complete description of Queue Folders on a separate page.


Queue Folders 2.0 is in beta at this writing. However, it has been tested far more extensively and is a lot more functional than the 1.0 version.

The Queue Folders executable is bundled with RPM Elite. If Queue Folders is licensed on your machine, RPM Elite starts it automatically and processes jobs as Queue Folders sends it information on new files.


The Queue Folders Compatibility page explains what we support.

Differences with version 1.0

With version 1.0 you specified a folder to use as the “parent” folder. Queue Folders would then create a subfolder under that folder for each queue in your configuration. 

With version 2, we provide you with the tools to watch any folder you want for any queue or queues you want. We also let you turn this off and on for each queue, without restriction.

Installation and Setup

As we've mentioned, there are a few important differences between this version and the previous. The Queue Folders Installation page advises you how to go the right way in your planning. Please read this before you upgrade to the next version of RPM.

Configuring Queue Folders

Once you see how to configure a watch folder for a queue, you'll get the rest done in no time.

Using Queue Folders

As we tested Queue Folders, we also experimented so we could offer practical advice and experience, how to use Queue Folders effectively in your RPM setup.


Licensing Queue Folders is not complicated. Follow the link to see what to look for.