How to configure AppSocket

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To add an AppSocket protocol in the user interface, go to Configure / Port settings.

Use Select Port Type to Add to show the list of available protocols.

Pick AppSocket from the list:

AppSocket select

Once you've select AppSocket, click the "Add Port" button:

AppSocket setup

Next, make these changes:

  1. change the Port setting if needed
  2. change the Timeout setting if you prefer
  3. select one of your existing queues using the droplist, or add a queue. Either way, AppSocket requires a valid queue to exist before it can receive the job. If the queue doesn't exist, AppSocket will create a queue called "appsocket-queue" and put jobs there.

    We'll cover the printer emulation in the section How to query printers on your network

  4. Changing the serial number is optional. There is no reason to leave it blank because that could potentially interfere with an application.