AppSocket featurette video posted

AppSocket featurette

We have prepared a video demonstrating our newest major feature, the AppSocket protocol. AppSocket equips RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") to correctly receive print jobs intended for JetDirect printers that use PJL commands that require a response.

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With AppSocket, we have been able to assist several customers already who work with one of the nationwide dealership management software (or "DMS") vendors. When the DMS software queried RPM, it provided an immediate response as if it was the printer. The print job carried through to completion and RPM was able to extract information from the print data by referencing the PJL jobname command.

RPM is also able to emulate the responses from a printer on your network. The video briefly talks about this feature. RPM includes emulations for the JetDirect capable printers in our office from several manufacturers. We provide the means to query printers on your network as well, to support custom print scripts and asset management tools.

Notes on job attributes

You may note that the jobname in this example was "appsocket.8" and the user was "appsocket". The reason for this follows.

We examined the job data sent from our AS/400 and noted the following:

  1. the only PJL commands present in the job were to get status from the "printer" or in this case RPM itself
  2. the print file itself was plain PCL without PJL commands to set the job or user name

While this proves that the AppSocket module is flexible enough to process a basic job, this particular sample does not demonstrate how we process jobs with a more complete set of commands. We ran all our customer PJL samples through AppSocket prior to release and we were able to test job data plus commands such as timeout and more. Of course, the job name and user name were among the first things we looked for.

If you are interested in any of the AppSocket capabilities, please contact our office using our contact form, or call 208-523-6970.

Also, please visit our video portal