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PJL status readback supported by AppSocket

Command Notes
@PJL JOB @PJL USTATUS JOB followed by START, job name, job ID
@PJL EOJ @PJL USTATUS JOB followed by END, job name, PAGES = 1, job ID and RESULT=OK
@PJL TIMED non-zero-value According to a timer, RPM will respond with @PJL USTATUS TIMED plus the device status
@PJL INFO variable-name RPM responds with values stored in the emulation for variables defined by the original printer
@PJL INFO PAGECOUNT If the PAGECOUNT variable is specified RPM returns the value contained in the emulation. This value is static, never incremented.
@PJL INFO STATUS Several PJL commands return the device status. It contains the status variables and values at the time we built the emulation by querying your printer. This value is not updated unless the PJL SET commands override values.

Commands which return the status values include:

  • The TIMED responder
@PJL USTATUS JOB RPM sends this response on an ENTER LANGUAGE command if USTATUS JOB is ON. NAME is the only value returned.