Newsroom Leverages INTELLIscribe Broadcast Printing

Fri, 04/12/2024 - 10:14 By Dave Brooks


With INTELLIscribe® and its broadcast printing feature in place, iNEWS newscast scripts can be easily sent to multiple printers at once. The scripts are collated and can be printed on less costly network printers.


Broadcast Printing





Date March 16, 2005

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In the newsroom, every second counts. And when the newscast is about to begin, reporters need their scripts.

Business Need

The document centers on which iNEWS newscast scripts were being printed were costly, difficult to manage, and prone to fail. The company needed its newscast scripts to be collated and quickly printed on multiple, inexpensive workgroup printers.

Solution: INTELLIscribe

The news broadcast company turned to INTELLIscribe's broadcast printing function to meet its needs. Broadcast printing allows a job to be printed once, and then a copy of the job is sent to any number of predetermined network printers.

Systems and Setup

Windows 2000 and XP workstations running Avid iNEWS™ newsroom system client. Printing is done via INTELLIscribe on a Windows 2000 server.


With INTELLIscribe in place, the company has or will experience the following improvements:

  • When placed in production, a number of serial print servers and serial data broadcast boxes will be retired; these have been used to distribute print jobs to multiple printers, the function that INTELLIscribe now handles.
  • iNEWS scripts can be printed on common network printers.

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