INTELLIscribe Broadcast Printing

Thu, 04/11/2024 - 14:01 By Dave Brooks
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INTELLIscribe® prints to multiple printers or print servers simultaneously from Windows®.

print to multiple printers or print servers simultaneously, broadcast printing


Let's say you are in Chicago and have salespersons in different states or countries. Print once from your Windows application and broadcast print to your printer and to an IP addressable printer near each of your associates.

How broadcast printing is used in production

  • Broadcast news stations need the ability to print each newscast to multiple printers in different locations throughout the station for use in various departments.
  • The headquarters of a franchise business needs to print daily sales totals and occasional newsletters to each of the franchise stores. With just one print command, the print job is printed to all locations eliminating labor costs and long distance charges if faxed.
  • A print shop has a rushed order for many copies of a particular document. The company has three identical printers. However, they only print 25-30 pages per minute. By using broadcast printing, all three printers can accomplish the task in a third of the time it takes a single printer.
  • A shipping company is trying to eliminate costly multipart pre-printed forms but still needs the ability to provide an invoice or shipping document to the warehouse and sales departments. Broadcast printing makes it easy to print the same document to both the sales printer and a printer in the warehouse across town.

Please refer to our broadcast printing setup instructions.