Case studies for Brooks customers

Tue, 04/23/2024 - 11:10 By Dave Brooks

Sometimes it's interesting to see how someone else uses a tool to solve a problem. Psychologically, this can give you an advantage when you are solving your own problems, to see what has been successful and understand why.

Many of our customers have given us permission to write up a case study. We hope the following list is helpful and brings a little inspiration to your work!

  • Using Filter Action Saves Print Data in Relational Database

    My first exposure to LPR/LPD was when I interviewed for an engineering job in Idaho back in the 1980s. One of the developers I talked with had worked on an application where they used LPR to send data from a remote site because it was easy to set it up to retry until successful.

    Here the customer uses LPR to send a data file to RPM. In turn, we run their program which processes the file and stores the results in a database.

  • News Broadcaster Leverages INTELLIscribe Broadcast Printing

    When we released INTELLIscribe news studios jumped on it for an easy way to instantly send multiple copies of script changes to the broadcast crew.

  • Lower Printing Costs at Major Insurance Company

    In insurance company optimizes printing costs by sending jobs to RPM Select, rather than first going to their printer. RPM ran a third-party program to convert the print jobs to PDF.

  • UNIX Printing Made Easy at The Stewart Organization

    So many successful business environments run on Linux, yet the resources of their Windows network are just out of reach. With RPM you can safely send your data files and documents to a server that will do what you want, in Windows, whether that is print with Windows drivers or archive on a Windows filesystem.

  • UNIX Printing to Windows with RPM

    In this article, we explore some of the requirements our UNIX customers have for RPM.

  • Print Filtering, a Case Study in Not Wasting Paper

    This account came from a conversation between one of our customers and the technical staff. One customer now saves a ream of paper per day by eliminating jobs that do not need to be printed.

  • How to split a print stream between two printers

    One of our software system partners had a customer who needed to involve more than one physical printer to keep up with demand. We walked through several scenarios with them, based on the structure and content of their print jobs.

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