Print Server for Host to Windows

RPM SolutionsRPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) print server software installs on Windows and receives documents from mainframe, midrange, Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems.

  • The RPM print server is upgraded often and does not include any extra maintenance or man-hours like hardware print servers so often do
  • RPM will improve and streamline all your document workflows
  • Easy to install and only minutes to setup

Print server with pre-processing functions

The RPM print server provides over 40 pre-processing options to:

  • convert your data from one format to another
  • selectively extract sections
  • string replacement
  • prepend, append data

and much more. We call these "transforms".

In the Select version of RPM we include text to PDF among these transforms; you can convert nearly any kind of print job to searchable, indexable PDF. In the Elite version of RPM we add PCL to PDF.

print server workflow

Print server with multiple actions

Once RPM has completed all the transforms, it will do any number of print server actions such as :

  • Use Windows to print natively to any supported printer
  • Send your binary data directly to the printer
  • Archive to disk, aka "print to file"
  • Send as an email message, or message attachment, aka "print to email"
  • Run a program for your own custom processing
  • Upload to an FTP server
  • Use native TCP/IP to print directly to a printer

RPM can do any and all of the above on each and every print job. We have customers who use RPM just because it's so easy to set it up to print on 3 printers and archive a copy to disk, at the same time.

RPM Print Server saves Time and Money

quoteThe tech support is always outstanding. Definitely one of the best I've worked with.quote

 quoteThe RPM Print Server worked perfectly since day one. We've put it in place and haven't looked back.quote

RPM has a significant number of features found in high end systems in the $15-30,000 price range. Depending on your print requirements, we might be able to reach your goals "out of the box" or with a bit of custom scripting. We have a long history working with mainframes, AS/400, Linux and Windows systems. Please give us a call today to talk about your printing needs!

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