Text, Raw, FTP Printing & More: RPM Actions Portal

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 16:55 By Dave Brooks
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Purpose of Actions

In RPM Remote Print Manager© ("RPM"), actions are a key part of our workflow model. We have basically unwrapped the usual model of "print with optional preprocessing" to:

  • conduct a user-defined set of transformations to the data
  • execute one or more output actions on the result of those transformations

A few facts worth keeping in mind:

  1. Every queue has its own distinct set of transforms and actions
  2. Each action in a queue takes the output of the transforms you have defined for that queue
  3. You can run multiple actions in a queue; in fact, we expect it

The actions follow. Not all the actions are available in the RPM Select edition. RPM Elite includes everything shown here.

Text print

  • input = text markup
  • Windows printing which supports any Windows printer, including shared printers

Raw print

  • input = printer language
  • Print directly to any Windows printer, including shared


  • input = anything
  • Anything can be attached. Plain text and HTML can optionally be used as the message body.

Archive to Folder

  • input = anything
  • Write the results of transforms to disk, job metadata is available for file naming, supports shared drives


  • input = anything
  • Run any program available, job metadata is available for command-line options

Copy to queue

  • input = anything
  • Copies print job using the final output of any transforms to another queue

LPR printing

  • input = anything
  • Sends print jobs to an LPD server remotely, locally or loopback

IP printing

  • input = anything
  • Sends print jobs to any IP addressable printer, defaulting to port 9100

Archive to FTP

  • input = anything
  • Uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and file naming options to upload print jobs to an FTP server
  • We also try to keep an FTP connection open for several minutes in case any other files need to be uploaded